What it Means to be Muscular (Rant #2).

September 22, 2011

I’d like to point a few things out.

1) I like to workout.

2) I am muscular.

These are 2 things most likely obvious to most people who look at me, due in part to the fact that I am usually wearing gym clothes (with boat shoes) and also because I am visibly muscular.  But just because I am those things does NOT make me an asshole.

Sometimes I’m just a little bit upset at what the bodybuilding era of the 80’s and 90’s did to the perception that the general public has about people who are muscular.  I can’t say for sure, but I’m sure there was a time when being muscular meant something more, or was at least looked at more positively.  In my eyes, when I see someone who trains, I also see someone who values hard work and sacrifice.  I see someone who is capable; someone who knows how to intelligently use their body.  But sadly, I can’t help but think that the majority still sees the musclebound bodybuilding jocks of the 90’s.  Bad qualities such as narcissism and poor self-esteem are also associated with this.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out (not even out at a bar, but even at school) and have to hear negative comments shouted out by brave individuals in the company of all their friends.

“Where you going, beefcake.”

“Go back to Jersey Shore.”

this one is my favorite because it’s so simple:


If you read this blog, than you most likely like to workout too.  What does being muscular mean to you?  Are we all just a bunch of narcissistic tool bags?  Or do we simply just enjoy expressing a different part of our physical nature?  Or maybe I just think that running is fucking BORING!  All I can say is: haters gonna hate, but barbells make you stronger.


Check out the TV screen in the newsroom.

The news anchor must be a reader.


17 Responses to “What it Means to be Muscular (Rant #2).”

  1. See, as a female, I have sometimes gotten the muscular thing, but more often when I was skinny and ripped. I think most people just think I’m fat now. Yet another battle to be fought.

  2. Daniel said

    Holy shit I just wrote thig long thing about my uncles thinking people who lift weights are gay and all I need to do is jog and I accidentally hit the back button on my mouse which erased everything. Fuck it I pulled 207 kilos for the first time the other day and I am NOT a toolbag.

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  4. Joshua Cline said

    I just hate fucking running and I like to be strong. Being swole is a side effect that I’ve learned to like. Being in shape was my first goal. Then getting stronger I have never wanted to beefcake it out, it just happened. I also love eating whatever I want and not crying about it later.

  5. Mike said

    I think the whole, “You must be on steroids!” thing is a result of living in a society filled with out-of-shape weak minded individuals who cannot wrap their minds around someone actually working hard and changing their body. That or you just have freak genetics. I’m 5’ 9’’ 195lbs and have been accused of both and it’s comical.

  6. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    A tasty rant. People are dumb, straight up, and most would rather bring someone else down to their level rather than elevate themselves.

    Me, I’ll stay strong, and appreciate other people who stay strong as well.

    Is Liao Hui still a 69kg lifter? He has no right to be that jacked, even at ~5’6″.

  7. I played soccer all the way through college. The first day of preseason, for college soccer; we would wake up 6am, jog to a track, run 2 miles in under 12 minutes, rest 6 minutes, and then run a mile in under 6 minutes. If you did not complete this run in the desired time the coach would make the failing soccer players wake up early every morning during preseason to run again.

    After college I stopped running. I weighed 165 at 5’10 throughout college. I will never run (jog) again unless it is some sort of interval running or a sprint.

    I have been weightlifting full time for over a year now and I have been slowly increasing my weight and lean body mass. I noticed that folks look at me differently in public. I also noticed that girls check me out quite frequently. I enjoy the larger size, but my main goal is to apply my muscle and generate as much force on the fucking barbell as possible.

  8. Steve said

    There some envy around (people who see your swoleness as a criticism of their scrawniness). Try this, though: turn off the volume. What I mean is if you ignore what people say and watch that the way they watch I think you’ll find that people’s eyes’ are drawn to the strong-looking person. They are attracted to it! .

    (Clive James call that kind of TV voice-over – “he walked up confidently…” – “TV for the blind”.)

  9. Camilo said

    It takes time to accumulate muscle density. It takes hard and heavy ass training sessions to produce the testosterone surge, needed for muscle gain. Oh and plenty of great food.

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  11. chutson99 said

    I wouldn’t worry about it. I think most people know the score, if they care at all. There’s room in society for everyone. Even bench press bros with bird legs. I do know that it gets you respect.
    True story:
    I was a super skinny, not very tall, kinda dorky little kid. Everything was smooth sailing until junior high school, at which point a bunch of the other kids started acting like a pack of wild dogs or something. I got picked on and I usually had absolutely no idea why. Then something else happened: I hit puberty and in a really short period of time I put on like 20 pounds of muscle without even trying, and I could do something like 25 chinups in a row (i’m a lot heavier now and i can’t do that anymore) And guess what? People started leaving me alone. I wasn’t going around getting revenge and I’m sure still wasn’t inspiring fear in anyone, but I no longer looked like the weakest guy in the room. That ended up being a super valuable lesson. Then I figured out that if i went and lifted weights, I could take advantage of my tendency to put on muscle. Then I learned that I actually just really liked doing it. Anyway, you know you’re going to get respect from having an athletic build, it speaks not just of strength but also about discipline, and i think that most people can recognize it, even if it’s subconsciously, and they can probably tell the difference between a vanity exerciser and the real deal.

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