A Shining Beacon . . .

September 1, 2011

. . . In the black night of sorrow that is my life.

I kid.

But seriously, I fail a lot.  I’ve accepted this.  Not failing.  But I have accepted the fact that failing is built into the sport of weightlifting.  I don’t care how much resolve you have, when you try to develop a skill to the absolute best of your ability, you are going to run into the wall more times than you are going to break through it.  And despite this, you still must believe with absolute certainty that you will succeed with every attempt you make.

Or you will miss for sure!

Here’s a good example of this:

I don’t like pressing.  I don’t think it’s really helpful for weightlifting unless you have abnormally weak shoulders (for a lifter).  So for my entire weightlifting career, I have actually managed to avoid pressing heavy (outside of the realm of getting swole: 10+ reps, brother).  But after Nationals, I figured that I now had time to work on a few things that I had been neglecting, one of them being the standing press.  I worked up to an easy 100kg and figured that with a little bit of practice, 110 should come easily.  Right?  Wrong!

I think I must have tried (and failed) at least 10 times in the month of August.  Before every attempt, I would turn to my buddy Cameron and say, “I feel like it’s going to happen, TODAY!” And after every miss, I would look over at him again, “Damn, I thought I had that one.”

Lesson learned.  Even it it is something trivial like a 110kg press, nothing is given to you in this damn sport.

Also, I was working on power cleans today and hit a nice 150.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t even full cleaned that weight since nationals.  And having missed at that weight yesterday, I’m glad I pulled it so well today.

Note how long it takes me to stand up out of a half squat.  My legs are pretty dead at this point.  Still pleased, nonetheless.

5 Responses to “A Shining Beacon . . .”

  1. Sometimes, I think you read my mind. Or, maybe my mind talks so loudly that you can’t ignore it when you write your blog, haha.

    Yesterday, I finally stopped being afraid to fail snatches. I was always afraid to fail because once I miss a snatch, I get so mentally off track that I rarely come back and make any future attempts during that training session. This is obviously not a good thing when you are a weightlifter. Well, I let myself fail 8 times yesterday. It didn’t mess with my mind. Each attempt just made me more determined to make the weight.

    I also had to laugh over the fact that you said it took you SO LONG to stand up out of a half squat at 150. That is not long, Ben Claridad. THIS is long: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQouxJLFP-8. Again with the theme of not being afraid to fail, that is a front squat PR at 80 kg from yesterday, which I have been chasing for a long time (and yes, I know that I totally scream like a girl, and I’m okay with that).

    Congrats on the press and the power clean. I like the fact that you are pressing. I press too, and I think that makes us more awesome. You should keep being awesome.

  2. kecks said

    “Lesson learned. Even it it is something trivial like a 110kg press, nothing is given to you in this damn sport”
    … so true!! i hate it and i love it and it still is true five years later (i started in 2007 at age 27).

    and @tamara, i hear you, sis. 80 kg snatch was the same for me. chased it for 4 month, finally made it in training, than on the platform in competition (just 2 attempts there ^^). in training it took me 7 attempts! seven. seven f**** attempt just to secure it overhead and get up. failing is part of this game. (and soooo frustrating sometimes.)

  3. Behemoth said

    ‘something trivial like a 110kg press’

    This sentence makes me want to cry. And maybe wail a bit.

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