June 25, 2013

It has been brought to my attention that there are instructors within the functional fitness community who continue to teach their clients not to have their hips make contact with the bar while snatching.

If you are one of those clients and you care to improve your Olympic weightlifting technique, GO SEEK A WEIGHTLIFTING COACH WHO HAS ACTUAL CONTEST EXPERIENCE IN THE SPORT OF OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING.  And I’m not talking about “oh, I’ve done one or two meets before.” I’m talking about “I’ve competed in national meets before.”  or “I’ve produced lifters who have lifted at national meets” because these are the coaches that will tell you that your hips WILL make contact with the bar while performing a snatch.  It’s not a secret.  Just go to a contest and watch the best people lift.

Unrelated.  But it have me a hearty LOL.

Unrelated. But it gave me a hearty LOL.

Now, off the top of my head, I can name two or three high level lifters who do not make contact with the bar while performing a snatch.  They are exceptions to the rule.  Stop looking for exceptions to the rule.

The magnitude of the horizontal component within a snatch will vary between lifters and is largely dependent on the frame of a lifter.  However, 90+% of all decent lifters will make contact with the bar during a snatch.

10 Responses to “Contact.”

  1. Who the shit tells people to NOT contact their hips to the bar? The only way I can imagine anyone giving this cue is to avoid “kettlebell” swinging the bar and bashing the hips into it to send it forward. But I agree. Anyone who tells someone specifically not to make contact with the bar is a dumbfuck. Although I don’t think competing at nationals is a prerequisite to being a good coach. Some people just nerd the fuck out on the Olympic lifts and never compete (cough cough) ;).

    • bclaridad said

      What up, Matt.

      And I know, shit is outrageous. But sadly, it happens.

      Obviously I’m biased on the subject because I make my living as a weightlifting coach, but I’m of the opinion that experience trumps all. The golfer knows more than someone who plays golf. The basketball player knows more than someone who plays basketball. We live in the age where there is a huge amount of (free) literature on the subject of weightlifting and no doubt an outsider can teach a novice how to lift weights. But for someone who wants to pursue olympic weightlifting MORE than he wants to pursue general fitness, outsourcing to a weightlifting coach is the way to go.

  2. wickets said

    any chance of you directing those of us not in the know to a good pictorial / video of what a properly done snatch should look like? thanks

  3. I think you need to tell us how you REALLY feel about bar contact..;)

  4. John M said

    Big Ben,

    As one of your functional fitness athletes I want to thank you for showing us the truth about Olympic Weightlifting. I have truly enjoyed bangin the bar and know that my entire family has benefited from your knowledge as a coach and athlete.

    • bclaridad said

      John, you and your family are my favorite functional fitness athletes. Your lifts are coming along great. I know it will carry over to all you guys crushing metcons.

  5. Mike Wallace said

    great post! The fact that people like Charlie Zamora are teaching people technique is ridiculous!

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