New Camera.

October 31, 2013

I’ve been foolin’ around with my new camera at work for the past few days.  Check it out.

I actually uploaded two versions.  The second uses Defective Trip (Trippin)-Gravediggaz as the song.  I bought a skateboarding video on VHS like 12 years ago and one of the songs they used was this one.  I’ll probably keep it uploaded but unlisted for the nostalgia, bro.




October 21, 2013

Here’s a little footage from recent heavy Friday’s.  Jason had a huge couple weeks leading up to this and it paid off with a 122kg snatch PR and the 125kg snatch PR.

He competed yesterday, making the qualifying total for the American Open.  Congrats, Jason!  In other news, my master’s athlete, Lia broke her own PWA record for the snatch in her age group yesterday.  Congrats, Lia!

Give me a break.  I was coaching at a meet all day yesterday.

Different sport.  Different culture.  The feeling is universal.

Sunday Morning Motivational.

October 13, 2013


Turn Off the Sun.

October 12, 2013

I honestly have no shame while training.  I’m a guy who is often ruled by his emotions and I make no attempt to hide it while I train.  I’ll strive to improve at all costs.  I’ll reach deep down and find whatever is in me and bring it to the surface.  Often times, I don’t like what I find.  It might sound stupid to you.  You might be the type of person, stone faced and emotionless when you train.  You might crack jokes or read the newspaper; which is great for you.  I’m honestly jealous.  But it doesn’t make my way wrong.  There’s room for all types of people in this world and I won’t pretend to be someone who I’m not.

My approach changes during competition mode.  Now I’m all business.  I’m there to make lifts, compete and maybe even win.  I might pace back and forth.  I might get psyched up.  But at the end of the day, my goal is to look and act like I’ve been there before.  Because I have.  During training, I was in uncharted territory.  I had to be pushed from behind by my emotions. I’ll have already lost control.  And now I’m confident.  I’m in familiar territory and it feels good.  I’m now in a place where I can measure myself against my peers.

Training is training.  Competition is where it counts.

Weightlifting is a game.  Here is how I play it.  Obviously, there will always be different factors that change how I play.  During competition, you will always need to make adjustments.  But for the most part, this is my plan.  I actually stole this approach from Jim Shmitz. You can correct me if I misquote him.

Your first attempt is for your coach.  You two have worked hard and put in a lot of time together.  Make this attempt look easy and get your momentum going.  In my case, I AM the coach, so I sure as hell want to look like I know what I’m doing.

Your second is for the audience.  Like it or not, weightlifting is a sport to be displayed in front of an audience.  There’s drama, anticipation.  Made lifts are more exciting to watch than missed ones.

Your third is for yourself.  Challenge your limits.  Try and get that always elusive perfect day.  Increase your competition total.

Like I said.  That’s just one way to play weightlifting and it’s not the end-all-be-all for myself either.  If I have specific goals or I’m in a tight group with a bunch of other guys, I’ll make adjustments.  This is just a good place to start.

Club Swole Video.

October 8, 2013

Here’s a fun little video I made as a thank you for everyone that supported my team though the Club Swole event.  And everyone who couldn’t make it for whatever reason, your support for both me and the team matters just as much.  Yes, weightlifting is an individual sport.  But the weightlifter is a complex person; one who needs a strong support system (these come in many different forms) to continue to push himself through training.  If you are reading this, you too are part of our support system.  Thank you.


The song used in this video is from my growing “Best of 2K13” playlist.

I made a PR double today.  Jason and I got a little bit competitive and it paid off for both of us.  He made 115 for a double.  I made 135 (PR) and then went for 140.  I made the first rep easy but my back immediately didn’t feel all that great so I backed off.  Hey, I got the PR and lived to lift another day so I’m stoked.

Speaking of competitive, I’ve been feeling SUPER competitive lately which has been working real well.  It’s given me a new passion for training which has resulted in progress.  More progress to come, I guarantee it.

And now for some fun.

I decided to treat myself to a fun little hike this weekend.  I hardly ever get out and whenever I get any decent amount of time to myself, I like to spend it by myself.  The hike itself was pretty easy.  It took me forever because I was basically “cupcaking” my way down the trail.  And honestly, I enjoyed taking my sweet ass time and taking in the scenery.  For you people who are in good shape, you would probably laugh at the ease of the hike.  I’d rate it as a 3/10 for a big guy like me, but literally a toddler could complete it.

Metalheads, enjoy the tunes.  Everyone else, deal with it.

150kg Snatch.

October 7, 2013

I finally snatched 150.  Needless to say I was just a little bit fired up.

I felt a very powerful and confusing mixture of emotions.  I’d lift for 7×77 more years just to feel that way again.

212 Front Squat Double.

October 3, 2013

“The average civilized man is never fully alive; he is burdened with masses of atrophied tissue and useless matter. Life flickers feebly in him; his senses are dull and torpid. In developing his intellect, he has sacrificed far more than he realizes.” — Howard, Robert E. Almuric (1939)

I felt alive on this day.