Music and PR’s.

April 11, 2014

I’m not a musician.  I do not pretend to be one.  If someone asks me if I can play an instrument, I say that “I am able to play a guitar.”  That being said, I have a strong appreciation for music and sometimes that means singing or playing along to something.  One of my goals for the year was to do more musical projects and you’re about to hear the first one.  Right meow.

I first came up with this idea simply out of convenience.  I didn’t like youtube making my little projects unavailable to people’s mobile phones since I’m apparently the only one who still uses my laptop to do things.  In any case, I’m glad I put myself out of my comfort zone and showcased something I’m admittedly not very good at.  I think I’m gong to make it a habit.


IF YOU PLAY DRUMS, LIVE IN THE SACRAMENTO AREA, DON’T MIND PLAYING WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS BEGINNER LEVEL MUSICAL EXPERIENCE AND WOULD LIKE TO PLAY SLOW SABBATH JAMS/DOOMY STUFF, HIT ME UP.  I’m getting the band back together.  No, not really.  But yes, Really I’d like to start playing with other people again.

3 Responses to “Music and PR’s.”

  1. Bro! Drummer right here. What kinda shit we lookin to play? I’ve got a practice space and everything .

  2. Big dog keep pushing that comfort zone. I dig it. Life is meant to be lived that way. You’re doing it right.

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