Phase 3.

April 11, 2014

I suppose I’m a little bit late on this post considering I posted this video over a week ago.

Earlier this year (17 weeks ago), I implemented a more organized way to include squats into our weightlifting program, called simply “The Midtown Squat Cycle.”  I am very pleased with the results not only from my team but myself as well.  I now plan out squats in 8 week blocks that work in conjunction with our 4 week lifting schedule (after all, this isn’t a squat team, it’s a weightlifting team.)  The program itself is nothing fancy.  I incorporated both “daily max” style workouts and percentage based workouts.  Rep PR’s were emphasized just as much as 1RM PR’s.  One important thing to note is that when I wrote the excel spreadsheet, I borrowed an idea from Jim Wendler and automatically subtracted 10% of the lifter’s absolute max to account for ego and bullshit.  My reasoning is that I wasn’t so much concerned about increasing the squat as much as I was concerned with increasing the quality of the lifts.  This also gave me a little more room for error when I chose the rep schemes.  The last 16 weeks have been more back squat and volume biased.  Now we’ll be shifting towards more of a traditional front squat-centric program.  The majority of my team showed improvement, some more than others.  Jean’s front squat went from 155 to 180 and his back squat went from 180 to 206.  Obviously, he’s relatively new to our training process, whereas Cameron, one of my veteran lifters went from 180/195 and 195/205.  My squats went 225/235 and 270/285.  Honestly, my goal for the year was to back squat 280, so I’m mostly just happy that I made it through my BSQ heavy singles injury free.  I doubt I’ll squat that heavy the rest of the year.  We’ll now be entering phase 3 of our squat schedule that I have given the title of “The Ulfberht.”

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