Coaching Point: Ben’s Empty BB Warm Up #1.

July 1, 2014

Right now I’ve got 3 different Groups of people from CF gyms coming in once a week to get coached up on their “oly” lifts. Some of these groups are all CF coaches themselves, some clients and some a combination of both.
I’ve always included a structured empty barbell warm up with these groups (which is very common). But I’ve always kind of stayed away from elaborate barbell (and especially PVC pipe…. Fuck a PVC pipe) routines because I’ve seen some trainers (in the general fitness, CF and weightlifting community) spend WAAAAY too much time doing this stuff and not so much time participating in actual weightlifting. Here’s a hint for you, rarely do actual weightlifters mess around with PVC pipes other than to stretch out their shoulders for like 30 seconds. So if you’ve been attending a weightlifting class and you still have to touch a PVC pipe for more than a few minutes, go elsewhere. However, I recently started including structured empty barbell warm ups twice a week for my weightlifters as well. The first one is for the snatch and is just an advanced version of the one I give to my CF and technique class groups. I’ll go ahead and write down both versions.

Empty bb warm up #1 (beginner version)
-Overhead squat (looking left to right on the last rep) 1×10
-snatch balance 1×10
-press from bottom position (IF I’m working with a group that has no mobility restrictions) 1×10
-snatch from the hip 1 or 2 sets of 5 (depending on skill level)
-pause at hip, pause at knee, pause at hip, then snatch 1 to 2 sets of 5 (depending on skill level)
-hang snatch 1 set of 5

Empty bb warm up #1 (advanced version)
This is the one I give my weightlifters. It takes no more than a few minutes and ensures we cover all our bases. Right now I make them do this once a week but some will probably do it more often.
-overhead squat (looking left to right on the last rep) 1×5
-press from bottom position 1×5
-snatch balance 1×5
-no hip muscle snatch 1×5
-Snatch from the hip 1×5
-low hang snatch 1×5

I’ll post my empty bb warm up #2 later in the week. It’s focus is the jerk.

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