Benbata Barball Warm-up #2.

July 5, 2014

Here’s the second organized barbell warm-up that I make my weightlifters do every Wednesday before clean and jerks.  I also introduced it to my Midtown S&C classes and my CF technique classes with favorable results.  Remember, if you run organized barbell warm-ups with your groups, keep them concise and bull shit free.  The moment the warm-up begins to interfere with the actual workout is the moment when your coaching style becomes masturbatory rather than helpful.  The world doesn’t need another “insert name” complex, the world needs more people proficient in the snatch and clean and jerk.  Also, remember that no matter what you do as a coach, someone before you has tried it.  I do my best to learn from a large pool of weightlifting coaches, most of whom have opposing views on pretty much everything.  Take what is most helpful to your own training situation and leave the stuff that isn’t applicable.

Rant over.  Here’s the warm up.

Benbata Barbell Warm-up #2.

1) Press from the split 1×8.  Ensure that the trainee has a PERFECT split stance and back angle.

2) Jerk with alternating feet 1×8.  Begin with the non-dominant foot.  I picked up this little trick from Jim Shmitz.  Jerking with your non-dominant foot (in many cases) improves the jerk with the dominant foot because of the extra thought needed to properly jerk with the opposite foot. Savvy?

3) Paused jerk 1×5.  Pause at the bottom of the dip drive to ensure that your rack is in a good position as well as your hips.

4) jerk 1×5.  Just jerk.  After all that, you should be feeling pretty good and ready to clean and jerk some monster weights.

All that should’ve taken 3 minutes at the most, leaving you plenty of time to get your actual workout in.



2 Responses to “Benbata Barball Warm-up #2.”

  1. Penn said

    Do you think it’s worth going heavy on Presses from the split? Or does that drill belong squarely in the realm of stuff done with less than 50kg?

    I think the cure to too many barbell complexes is heavy whipping cream. I’ve been putting it in my protein shakes and now I don’t have the lungs to even think about doing complexes.

    • bclaridad said

      I personally don’t see the benefit of doing heavy presses from the split. I use them mostly just to practice perfect footwork and positions though I’m sure that there are people out there that might disagree.

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