Obligatory Indie Rock Post.

September 15, 2014

I checked out Pitchfork today and apparently, Arcade Fire’s Funeral turned 10 years old today.


1) makes me feel old.

2) Makes me feel nostalgic because it’s been a consistent favorite album of mine since around 2005.

Everybody has already seen most of the videos for this song so I chose one with the track from the album.  Having seen them live, I can say that the guy banging the shit out of the tom drum is in fact having as much fun as it seems like his is.  Also, one of the violinists is actually pretty jacked . . . so, yeah . . . She squats bro.

If you like this band too, what’s your most favorite or least favorite album?  When they release something new, does it take a while for it to warm up to you?

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