Sample Yamdancer Olybuilder Workout.

December 23, 2014

So I’ve pretty much got one more day until I finally get a break and I’ll be able to catch up on stuff.  So in the meantime, here’s a sample workout from the current Yamdancer Olybuilder cycle that the team is doing.  Keep in mind that this is a Tuesday workout and Tuesdays are traditionally shorter “accessory days” to our primary days.


1) Power snatch x1, hang power snatch x1, hang snatch x1: 3 sets at a target weight.  RPE 6/10.  Yes, hang power snatches.

“But Ben, didn’t you write a post saying that you don’t like hang power snatches?”

No.  I wrote a post saying that hang power snatches have a relatively small part in the Olympic weightlifter’s training year (if at all).  They do provide some benefits and force the athlete to keep the loads relatively light.

So if we do them maybe 20 minutes a week a month or two out of the year, how often should the general fitness client/functional fitness athlete do them?  Just food for thought.

2) Jerk from the split: 3×5 at the barbell only or light weight.  Focus should be keeping proper footwork with the torso in a “stacked” position.

3) Push press x3, split jerk x1: 3 sets at a target weight.  RPE 7/10

4) Superset these three movements:  BTN push press x8, Plyo plate push ups x12, db front delt raises x12.  3 sets.

5) Db side bends x12, band tricep extensions x12.  2 sets.

It’s painfully obvious when I see weightlifters or functional fitness folks who’ve had NO experience doing general strength training or bodybuilding.  Athletes of mine (like Emelie) will benefit greatly with a little bit more general strength (and the skill sets that come from training it).  Also, it gives us a month or so where we get to add more variation into our program and take some of the focus away the maximal efforts.

A quick note on my yamdancers.  Everyone coached by me is expected to follow the program or they are not coached by me, not one of my people, etc.  That sounds harsh BUT lets define what being on the program means first.

1) We never have to have a conversation if an athlete wants to do less than what I write.  If Cameron doesn’t fee like he needs the Tues/Thurs workouts, then he doesn’t.  End of story.

2) If an athlete wants to do MORE than what’s expected then we ALWAYS need to have a conversation.  IT’s important for safety and keeping the program measurable.

3) I give personal verbal instructions to athletes who have different needs.

See?  Not that hard to remain a yamdancer.  All you have to do is buy into what we’re doing and buy into the power of the group.

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