CHRCH-Unanswered Hymns Release Show.

September 30, 2015

While I’m not actually a full-time metalhead, in recent years I dove into the deep abysmal waters of the doom and stoner goodness. It began with Sleep, then Electric Wizard and so on and so forth. Just like any sub-genre, it’s far too easy for contemporary bands to fall into the shtick that worked for groups past or do more of the same but “HEAVIER” or more extreme or more BR00TAL. I think I’ve talked about this previously, but I’m part of the, “more isn’t always better” camp. In fact often extremism works adversely for me with the exception of some groups that take it WAY over the top both thematically and musically (Ghost is a great example).

This brings me to CHRCH. A straight up DOOM outfit. Thick, filthy tone, loads of empty, atmospheric space, dramatic melodies lending to the overall “epicness” of the compositions; this group has all of the things I love about doom. . . But done well. Done with restraint and Satan forbid, TASTE. Eva’s vocals provide a refreshing break from the standard, “oh we’re a band with an occult looking female lead singer” band by providing equal parts sensuality and abrasiveness with her delivery. Chris and Shann are HEAVY, yeah. But not overbearing. There’s no milking riffs for the sake of having nothing better to do. The choices they make with their playing keep things interesting and of course their tone is totally sick, bro.

Now obviously if you’re not a fan of this style of music, you’re not going to enjoy the record because this release does dive into dark territory. Running at about 45 minutes, this LP has THREE songs. Patience and repeat listens are rewarding, as is common within the genre. That being said, I’m confident that most casual music enthusiasts can find qualities they enjoy given the proper mindset . . . liiiike at a show. Their show.

Yup, these guys are having their album release show this Saturday at Starlite Lounge in Sacramento. They’re locals and they’re all really cool people.  I highly suggest you check it out. They’re playing with the mighty Acid King, a standard of the stoner genre since the mid 90’s.

I’ll see you in THA PIT, BRO.

J/K there is no pit.  Only head bobbing and tall cans of PBR.


Also here’s a track off of the new Acid King album.  SO SICK, bro.  Tone worshippers, enjoy.

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