Occam 2×15.

October 30, 2016

I’m back on here.  Just in time for my end of the year favorite tracks playlist.  My dad and I made this cab the other day to replace the purple one I made for the gym PA/my guitar rig. It’s got the same Eminence Redcoat series “Big Ben” 15’s that I’ve been using but the red wood stain suits my tastes better.  Peep the Occam symbols in the speaker hole cut outs.  The frame is 12 ply Plywood and the front baffle and back is regular 3/4 inch that we used for the competition platform of our meet we held last month.

I’m going to make an effort to post here once a week simply because I think it’s a healthy habit to sit down and write something every now and then.


I haven’t done anything remotely creative in a while.  So here’s a video of some training taken this summer.  I fit a decent amount of the team on this one.  I also threw some noise on the background.  Overall I’m happy with how it came out.

I’d like to bring your attention to an all women’s art collective loosely based in Sacramento.



Here’s a pic of me showing off the 2×15 I made in front of one of Meme’s art pieces.  This mural is no longer there but I will post more of her current work.

I first came in contact with this group through the artwork and murals painted in the alley that Occam Athletics resides in.  I love the artwork and I became very attached to the carnival/circus theme that was prevalent in the alley.  Then one day I met a woman who goes by the moniker, Meme.  She handed me a flyer and told me that her group was holding a block party that weekend and re-doing all the murals in the alley. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend due to work but when I arrived the following Monday, the alley had been completely changed to a light blue women of India theme.  I dig it and will post pics at some point.  Meme will be relocating so the alley will stay as is for a while but she plans on periodically coming back and reworking the alley in similar fashion.  I’m happy to have met you, Meme, and thank you for adding a little color to my life every day I come to work.


June 7, 2016

When people ask you if you’re still doing artwork.


Yes. But only to “troll” my lifters.

Model #003.

June 2, 2016

I finished another project today.  An Orange 2×12.

Here is the piece I did as tribute to the great Mr. Kono.  This man had a profound effect on me during my early years lifting weights.  I actually have a great story of the first time we met and he watched me train.

Classic pose.  Half his body at rest, half supporting his weight.

Classic pose. Half his body at rest, half supporting his weight.

I don’t plan on selling this one but I’d let it go to the right person for $300.00.  I actually want to get it framed and have a special plaque made for it.  Keep it in the lair.  Any weightlifting gym in Sacramento is one that he built while he trained in the internment camp.

I have step by step photos that I can post of the progress of this piece if anyone is interested.

Oh and if anyone steals this image for personal gain, you are trash.

Al Cisneros Sketch.

April 27, 2016

I’ve started practicing my drawing skills again.  Here’s one I did last night.   It’s Al Cisneros from Sleep.  I took this photo from the Sleep/Neurosis Show in SF.  Now it’s a drawing.


Follow the Smoke. . .

Take it home for $200.  Will ship for free.  If you’re local, I’ll frame it, deliver it and then kiss you on the hand and/or cheek.

I’m a fan of musical, psychedelic and fantasy inspired animated films like Heavy Metal.  So you can imagine that I was SUPER STOKED when I saw this trailer. Check out all the bands that are on the soundtrack.  Fire.

Go to the Kickstarter.  Donate.

Art. Stoner metal. Swords and Sorcery.  What is best in life?


February 12, 2016

I was pestering Lauren yesterday while she was getting a solo workout in.


Meme Contest.

January 28, 2016

I had a caption contest for an unflattering photo of me lifting the other day which inevitably turned into a meme contest.

This was the winner.