Get adapted.



watercolor with edited black background.


watercolor with an edited black background.



22 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. absolutely beautiful work…

  2. Nice to see another weightlifter drawing something other than skulls on fire!

    You need some more pictures up dude

  3. Nate said

    You’re a talented dude. I dig your work and this site in general.

  4. Bethany said

    Your artwork is amazing. You definitely have a gift!

  5. Kim Keenan said

    Great blog and artwork, Ben. I enjoyed your latest post. I like the unique/very original layout of your blog. Your artwork is fantastic!

  6. John Hoffner said

    Just thought I’d let you know I followed a link and found your work, and it is amazing. You probably already know that, but I thought I’d confirm. Very nice.
    Semper Fi

  7. beautiful work. They really draw you in…cool to know my coach is so talented in so many ways. You remind me of a renaissance man. Very cool indeed.

  8. Meredith said

    Wow…..lifter, blogger and an artist too?
    I’ve officially crossed the line into cyber-stalker.

  9. Meredith said

    Fair warning, I’ll try to reign it in before Saturday, but I have about a million questions now. I agree with Chris Hutson, def more pictures. 🙂

  10. Aaron said

    Amazing drawings, any chance of purchasing a print?

  11. Ooh, I especially love the watercolor smiler portrait.

  12. Jordan Devanney said

    Your weightlifting sketches are amazing. Do you sell them for use ?

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